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Friday, April 9, 2010

Weekday Breakfast Ideas

Busy mornings can make you want to reach for the packaged breakfast cereal. These are two breakfasts that we have on weekdays that take about 5 minutes to prepare and are packed with nutrition. If you chop the fruit for the parfaits or the veggies for the skillet ahead of time, it will be that much easier to get on the table.

Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits are a simple breakfast that my family gets really excited about. Even though it is really simple to make, it seems like a treat. It's all about the presentation! We serve these parfaits in our tall stemmed glasses, so the kids think they are really lucky and we are having something very fancy.

Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits

Chopped Fruit (I used blueberries, strawberries and bananas)

Layer yogurt and fruit in a glass. Top with granola.

Breakfast Veggie Skillet


Olive oil and butter for sauteing
2 Eggs
Chopped Veggies ( I like zucchini, onion, avocado and tomato)
Cheese (Gorgonzola is my favorite)
Sea Salt and pepper to taste.

Chop veggies. Heat butter and olive oil in skillet, saute veggies until tender (If using avocadoes and tomatoes, you can add these later) . Add eggs, cook until done. Add cheese and tomatoes. Top with avocado. Season with salt and pepper.

This post is part of Finer Things Friday.


  1. These sound so yummy. I'm going to get some yogurt and granola today when I'm at the store :)

  2. my mom wanted me to ask you your take on honey...any tips on the healthiest?

  3. Tim,. Allyson and kids, enjoy!
    Jessica, I do have some thoughts on honey. The best choice is raw honey. They don't cook or do anything else to it, and that way it keeps its nutrients and enzymes. I have a source for local raw honey, a woman named Lynne out in Yorba Linda has bees (justpeachybees at hotmail) Her honey is super good and when you buy in bulk she gives you a good deal. You can get it at the stores too, just look for the work "raw" on the label. Also, at WinCo, they have bees in the store making honey, so that's raw honey too.

  4. I LOVE yogurt parfaits. I have them for breakfast all the time! they are like a dessert!

  5. Funny, I actually just made your granola recipe yesterday afternoon and made myself a similar yogurt parfait this morning with it!