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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Any questions??

My sister suggested that I open up the blog for questions.

Use this comment section to let me know what you would like to see in future posts. Request specific recipes, more information on diet and health, or whatever questions you have. I'm happy to research it if I don't know the answer!

Anytime you want more information on a specific post, please ask in the comment question. I read and respond to all comments!


  1. Yes! Thank you! Do you have any good ideas for healthy snacks besides fruits and veggies?

  2. Do the brown eggs you buy from the farmer cost much more than the grocery store white eggs?

    What do you think when the milk says "our farmers promise to not use growth hormones..." I see this on so many different milk jugs now in every grocery store, does that mean it is free of it, or the farmers just say that? I know there is no test to show if milk has it or not so it's the advertising label that you have to read into. I also read that most farmers choose not to use it, more than do, so I guess I feel safe believing it, as long as it's not Wal-mart brand milk... but just wondering what you think?

  3. I know about eggs! Well, not the cost of them. Brown eggs and white eggs and green and blue and pink eggs are only different because they come from different breeds of chickens. There is absolutely NO other difference besides shell color if the chickens are treated equally.

  4. healthy (healthier?) dessert recipes with ingredients that I have would be nice. I also bought whole wheat flour and am planning on starting to use 1/4, then 1/2. Maybe you have some advice on that?

  5. Great suggestions, I will do posts on snacks, milk and dessert ideas.
    @edeenut, Tamlynn's right about the different color eggs (she would know since she has chickens in her backyard!) About the cost: I pay $7 for 30 eggs, or $2.80/ dozen. My co-op sells them for $3.25/ dozen, and a lady down the street for $3/ a dozen. Around here $3 seems to be the average.