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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Milk, milk, we love our milk

We just bought our 7th gallon of milk for the week.

We switch off weeks with buying whole, rBst free milk, and the other week buying raw, organic whole milk. We'd buy all raw milk if we could, but the cost is um, prohibitive, to say the least. So, what do we do with all this milk?!?

The two year old would live on milk if he could, but we ration it- 3 sippy cups a day, max.
The rest of us drink milk sometimes, and my husband uses it daily for cereal.

Making Buttermilk:
We use a lot of buttermilk for bread, for pancakes and waffles, and for soaking grains.

Making Cheese:
A new skill I'll be posting about soon- making homemade mozzarella and ricotta cheese. It's not hard at all!

Making Yogurt:
I found a new method in the crockpot that is so easy and so good! Recipe to come...
Yogurt is something else that goes quickly in our house.

Making mistakes:
One whole gallon went down the drain this week after I put the wrong ingredient in my cheese. I was trying to multitask and not paying enough attention to what I was doing...

This post is part of Real Food Wednesday.


  1. That is a crazy amount of milk! You guys should get a cow:)

  2. I have wondered about making cheese. Yogurt is definitely one I will be trying soon, though. I saw a recipe on a blog that has been crying out to be tried.

    You asked me about brown sugar in the graham crackers I made. I honestly don't know how it would turn out with just honey as the sweeter, simply because honey changes the texture of things. If you do try it, though, I'd love to hear the results!!

  3. My husband make paneer cheese this week - that was 1 gallon right there!

  4. I've been wondering about Trader Joe's milk--it's rBST-free? It's nice to see other people taking a realistic approach to real milk. We just can't afford $10/gal for raw milk in our area. Someday soon...

    Great blog!

  5. Michelle, I had to look up what paneer cheese is- I'd never heard of it (a South Asian cheese similar to queso blanco, if anyone else was wondering) sounds good!
    godandchocolate-Trader Joes is rBst free. On the label it says "Our cows just say nooooo to drugs." Their prices on hormone free milk are great. I have also found comparable prices at fresh and easy, if you have one of those.

  6. homemade mozzarella? Really? I'm really looking forward to that - we love our mozzarella around here on homemade pizza and it would be great to make my own.

  7. I wish we had a TJ around here. not fair :)

  8. Ya'll just made my day. I filled sippies and have the spare gallon in the frige. I have to kids have never tasted store milk. All were weaned to raw gaots milk and now they drink 50/50 goat/cow as both are milking. I have scads of cheese stashed in the freezer for baked spaghetti,fried mozz sticks, etc. But lordy lordy........$10 a gallon?? You just made the sweating and cow poo worth it!