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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Produce Buying Club

Every Saturday at 10:00, you can always find me at the same place. I am picking up produce at a beautiful resort/ farm. A group of us gather there to pickup our organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and eggs. Some of it does come from overseas, but some comes from just a mile away. A member of our group made the videos below with some of the farmers who grow the produce and the eggs for our group.

We talk a lot about moms cooking things with love-- well, when I watched these videos, that's what kept coming to mind. These farmers are farming with love. Watch as Mr. Guldseth carefully pulls a radish from the ground. He knows how it will taste; he has a passion for what he is doing.

Betty's eggs are the most colorful eggs I've ever seen. A mixture of blue-green, brown and speckled eggs fill those clear cartons, and the yolks are bright orange and so tasty. Most remarkable to me in the video was how much she cares about what she's doing.

If you've seen Food, Inc. compare the images of the henhouses, or the industrial crops being sprayed. Growing food with passion and love is better for everyone.

I was also impressed by the gratitude these people have that we're buying from them. They are able to do what they love, and we are better able to feed our families.


  1. What a fun thing to do on Saturdays. Great videos. I have been reading your blog (and have read a few books off your recommended reading list) for a few months now, and I have learned a lot! I especially appreciate the post you did on snacks. I was wondering what you feed your kids for lunch? I need some ideas for quick, but healthy lunches. Thanks! p.s. you have a great name. :)

  2. ChanellR, I was thinking the same thing about your name! :)
    The short answer for lunches would be: leftovers, quesadillas, mini pizzas, tuna or grilled cheese sandwiches, soup, pasta. But I think that would make a good post, so I will try to expand on that list and give some recipes in an upcoming post!

  3. is this a csa? Or do you just buy what you need that week?

  4. @Juliecache, How it works is that we pay $22 and get a basketful of produce from different farms. We don't choose what goes in the basket, which is something I have loved. We've tried (and enjoyed!) so many vegetables that I had never tried before.

  5. i just have to say i think you are awesome, i love this blog. I don't implement it all ONLY because i'm too lazy basically. All the information is sooo helpful and i love that it's in small doses. we've taken smalllll small steps as a family to be healthier. we are now back to buying whole milk-EW (ok i buy fat free for me but the riley drinks whole again instead of 2%, her dr wanted her on 2% and my husband grew up on whole and your post on that just made sense) you've motivated me to buy SOO many more fruits and veggies every week-what were we living on before? scary! also, next time you can something "jessica friendly" (like something i might use, the speghettie sauce, etc) and you are feeling super nice, will you me over to watch so i can try and learn? keep it up!