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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My new goal: no sugar

My youngest baby is 7 months old, and last time I checked, I'm still carrying around about 19 extra pounds (mostly in my lower body, see photo above). This is my fourth baby, so I have been through this before, but the weight wasn't coming off as fast as I would have liked (which, if you want to get technical, never comes off as fast as I would like). I decided it was time to really get serious about trying to lose this weight: I was going off sugar. I decided first to do an experiment. I wanted to see first if it was really hard, and second if it helped me lose weight any faster. For my experiment, I would go without any refined sugar or white flour for a week. If you're a regular reader of my blog, you probably know I don't eat a lot of sugar anyway. We hardly eat anything that is all white flour, but I would often mix it with wheat as a compromise with my husband.

The first question: was it really hard? NO! There were a few things I purposely didn't have around: no chocolate chips in the freezer, and I didn't make any muffins. I used honey or maple syrup in place of sugar for a sweetener, and I felt like I was getting plenty of sweet tastes in my diet.

The second question: Did I lose weight any faster? YES! After one week, I had lost 3 pounds. That was unexpected and really exciting for me. I don't think I lowered my calories at all, and I ate a lot of fats during that week. If I ever needed a treat, I made chocolate fudge with no sugar.

So, I've decided to continue on with my no sugar/ no white flour diet a little while longer. I know a goal should have specifics, like how long I am going to keep doing this...but for now, the goal is just to continue.

Confessions: The only times I have had sugar in the last month have been times when I was out to eat. Really, I don't know that there was sugar in it, but I'm just going to assume the pizza hut had some HFCS and the Pickup Stix was loaded with sugar. Oh, yeah, and the other time I cheated was my husband's birthday (even though I didn't even have sugar on my own birthday!). He requested I make him a German Chocolate Cake from scratch. It was the most fabulous cake I think I ever made and I have to say, totally worth it.


  1. I've heard that eliminating white flour and sugar really make a difference in weight loss. I always wonder whether I have the will power...or would I be able to get the rest of the family on board (I'm guessing there would be a revolt staged by my boys. :O Yes, I know who the parents are. ;) ) It sounds like you've found it to be very doable...which gives me hope. :)

  2. Good for you! I've tried really hard to cut out sugar too. I think the only times I've faltered is when we make ice cream. It's so worth it though.

  3. good for you, I have a friend who has done this and she says she feels great!

  4. It really does seem to make a difference in weight and it does feel great! The hardest part is probably that everyone tries to get you to give in, like if you eat sugar, they won't have to feel guilty that they are eating it!

  5. Good for you! I know how hard it can be to cut out sugar but I have been eating this way now for years and it has gotten easier as time goes by. Your hunger for it goes away and then when you do eat something really sweet it seems yucky!
    Wanted to also say that I just found your blog this morning while waiting for my two year old son to wake up. :) I am also a Christian wife and stay at home mom. I often feel that being "into" healthy eating is regarded as sort of a New Age thing by other Christians so I find your sight very encouraging. I believe that we even more so than the New Agers should be concerned about putting healthy foods in the bodies God gives us.

  6. Sophia, thanks for the encouraging words! I agree with you-taking care of our bodies shows God that we are grateful for them!